Welcome to COGNIT!

Welcome to the website which links humans and animals!

Some studies suggest that being an owner decrease cardiac risks (Mubanga et al., 2017). One of the causes proposed is that having animals encourage us to walk and do physical activities.

COGNIT (COmparative coGNItion Team) is a research group interested in the study of human and animal complex cognitive abilities. Our subjects of research are:

  • How far are complex cognitive abilities shared among various animal species?
  • How human-animal bond impact the human health?
  • How tools -such as EEG (ElectroEncephaloGrams)- used in human research could be non invasively used to investigate cognitive abilities in domestic animals?

On this website, you will find who we are, who are our collaborators and previous internships, our past and current projects. You can also find our offers of internships and collaborations to our current studies.

You are a student or a researcher interested in animal cognition, behavioural or physiological investigation? Do not hesitate and contact us for any information!

If you want to participate to one of our studies, we invite you to check our offers here.


Horses live in complex social groups, which could promote the emergence of complex cognitive abilities (Aureli et al., 2008).